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Travelling In Malang

Malang, one of the cities with the most exotic attractions and exciting in Java. With the atmosphere of shady and cool climate. 

Take a stroll around the streets of the city's famous leafy colonial architecture can visit the temple Clown megah.pengunjung pamper you with back to the 8th century. See the old Dutch church reform. Church Katherdral 

One of the attractions of the temple featured in the unfortunate Singosari ancient temple in Malang. This temple was built between 1222 and 1292 BC and largely dedicated to the kings of the dynasty Singosari. Visit a temple or shrine Singosari, Kidal temple, Jago temple, and others.
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Take your time in Wonasari Tea Garden where you can visit a tea plantation, play tennis or visit the mini zoo. For the more adventurous, hire a guide here to take you to climb on top of an active volcano, Mount Arjuna. 

Seek your fortune with a visit to the tourist attractions in poor, Gunung Kawi. Pilgrims come to this mountain from all over Indonesia, they believe that the wise men were buried here will answer the prayers of those seeking fortune. 

Stone City Attractions: 15 km from Malang .Had spectacular natural scenery and a mild climate and is famous for its apples and flowers. 

Established in 1941 for the study of plants, garden Purwodadi located about 30 km northeast of Malang in Mt.Arjuno slopes with a height of about 300 meters. This botanical garden dry climates and covers an area of ​​approximately 85 hectares (212 acres) .One attractions in poor pity to miss. 

Mount Bromo and Mount Penanjakan is 2.5 hours from Malang. Tengger region that is believed to inhabit the direct descendant of the Majapahit aristocracy. They hold Kesodo annual festival, known as Yadnya Kasada, thank the creators for a good harvest and to appease the god of Mount Bromo. 

Leave all the comforts of the modern world, crossing the strait between the concrete structure and remarkable forest, dive into the world of natural beauty, and looked at some of the most stunning scenery on earth. they are the attractions most popular unfortunate, namely Island Sempu. 

Located on the southern coast of Malang in East Java and is located in the Village Pond Rejo, District Sumbermanjing Wetan, this small island is located just off the coast Blue Spring, about 80 Km from the city of Malang, or about 180 km from the capital of East Java, Surabaya. 877 acres of forest on the island is a nature reserve under the management of the Natural Resources Conservation Office of East Java and the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, and really set up as a nature reserve since 1928 in the Dutch colonial period. 

Among the most interesting features of the island of attractions in the unfortunate is Segara Puppies lagoon located approximately 2.5 km further south to the island. Hidden far beyond the dense tropical forest, about 4 acres lagoon is completely secluded paradise where white sand beaches meet the calm blue waters separated from the raging waves in the open sea by the beautiful rocky walls around the area. Incoming waves penetrate only a few caves above and below the surface, so the water in the lagoon remain calm, and makes a perfect place to swim. Remote location also exudes a sense of intimacy, where the beach becomes a private, not unlike the setting for the 2000 movie Leonardo Di Caprio "The Beach" .One attractions in the unfortunate who makes one of the famous Indonesian tourist in the world

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