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Enchantment Carita Beach Tourism 
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Carita beach is a very famous tourist in the world, with beautiful beaches very happy. And of course around this tour has been an inn very much and as well as you can make a stopover Semasih you do holiday on the beach. 

Carita beach itself was located in Pandeglang offerings. And in addition to Carita beach is also a beautiful beach it is ama Anyer beach. Which is where the beach is also a very strategic inn. 

Carita Beach offers a variety of activities for everyone of all ages. On the soft white sand, you can play beach ball, building sand castles, or just lie back and enjoy the sunshine involved. Swimming, jet skiing and banana boat rides, are some interesting activities that you can have when you jump in the clear blue water. As the sun dropped in the afternoon, be prepared to witness one of the biggest performances of the nature sunset interesting. 

Tracing further away from Carita beach, fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of reeling the big fish of the Sunda Strait. Or, to enjoy a personal experience with the inhabitants of the Sunda strait surface you can dive into the marine park. 
For additional activities, go to the forest conservation Carita for a completely amazing experience. 

Well for this one sights you can visit while learning to make batik. And these places have been located in the city solo. That is where the museum Danar Hadi Batik is very famous for its batik products. 

And in this one tourist spot you can learn to make batik batik making up to make the batik design. 

Lampung has been famous for its natural charm that is the way gamas that where the venue has been known for his elephant. And this is true cape coast. That is where the tours that you can do this one as well as diving and surfing fun. Because waves at the beach have quite large. 

The tip Bocur 
Often incorrectly referred to as the Coral Nyimbor, and often compared to Uluwatu in Bali, Ujung Bocur is, length is consistent with the alternating left-handed and changing the barrel. On the day, he could give pleasure and barrel length, 200 m fast + up. 
Way Jambu 
Often referred to as 'The Sumatran Pipeline' by visiting surfers, or nicknamed 'absolute evil' by local fishermen, Way Jambu offers experienced surfers barrel of their lives. 

Sights that this one is the Taman Ayun Temple is where this tour has been located in Badung, Bali island, which is where this place has been used as one of the World Cultural Heritage in an annual session of the Organization of Education and Science, and as well as cultural Organization (UNESCO) is the 36th in Russia. 

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