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Tourism In Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is located at the easternmost tip of the island of Java, exactly opposite the island of Bali, lies the resort town of Banyuwangi. Ketapang port, serving the crossing every day between Java and Bali carrying passengers, cars and buses, and trucks with all sorts of goods to and from Java to Banyuwangi Attractions. 

Want to Enjoy the Like This at Tourist attractions in Banyuwangi? 
Tempat Wisata DI Banyuwangi (Tourism In banyuwangi) Souce :
Be the most easterly town in Java, this is the place where the first dawn sunrise in the morning throw welcome light on the island of Java. Not quite popular as a tourist destination. tourist attractions in Banyuwangi, in fact, hide many gems ranging from tours in Banyuwangi towering mountains, undulating waves game, which is a dream of surfers around the world. Here also live Osing ethnic Javanese are believed speaking oldest civilizations that developed the most advanced Java for centuries. 

Tempat Wisata Di Banyuwangi district spreads over an area of ​​5,800 kilomenter persegi.yang consists of the south coast bounded by the Indian Ocean, accompanied by the roar mountain that stands 3,282 m and 2,800 m Mount Merapi at above sea level which became one of the mainstay of tourism in Banyuwangi. To the north is Situbondo, whereas Jember and Bondowosodi west, and east is the island of Bali. 

In addition to the largest district in Java, Banyuwangi is also the largest producer of fish in the province of East Java, the city Muncar by the Bali Strait, the main fishing pier. Banyuwangi is also known for banana plants. Almost all the parks in this district boast banana trees that produce delicious. 

Banyuwangi city is the gateway to your exploration to watch wildlife roam freely in the reserve Alas Purwo as a recreation in Banyuwangi, Java's oldest nature reserve, go trekking through remote savanna and untouched beaches in Red Island, and a trip to the beach Sukamade where the turtles come to hatch their eggs. Mountaineers can climb from Banyuwangi to Ijen Crater is stunning and awe with a blue flame that appears in the yellow sulfur rocks, cut and collected manually by the ASM. 

Ijen Crater, one of the mainstays in the recreation area banyuwangi 

Crater lake located at 2,148 m above sea level and surrounded by a volcanic crater. Ventilation is a source of sulfur, making a trip to the crater and into the lake every day becomes more challenging. Sulfur collector climb in the morning and return around 1:00 when the misty clouds. They carry baskets of pure sulfur mine on the edge of a lake in the shadow of the thin walls of the crater. Minerals in the crater is pure and valuable commercial exploitation despite the horrendous labor involved: Javas homegrown sulfur is a natural source of sulfuric acid, interested in the business of oil refining and fertilizer production 

Enjoy the beauty of the island as a tourist charms of the Red Banyuwangi Indonesia 

Red Island beach is only about 100 meters to the beach there is a beautiful hilly little island called Red Island, one of the tourist attractions in Banyuwangi seeded. which can be reached on foot. It is a situation similar to the location of Tanah Lot island to the main island of Bali. found a lot of sharp rocks on the beach, along the coast of the Red. soft sand that is also safe for novice surfers. 

Compared with the Kuta Beach Bali, surfing here is more powerful, offers a four-meter with a barrel length of 400 meters, ideal for surfers to try tube technique. But because the surf here comes at an average height of two meters, novice and amateur surfers alike can enjoy this beach is a tourist attraction in this banyuwangi. In fact, the beaches in Plengkung must be mastered by professionals only. 

Red Island Beach was originally known as Pitu Ringin. There are two versions to change the name. One version says that because of the reddish color of the soil and sand, this is where it gets its name from, while another story says that at one time some bright red light shining on a small hilly island Red Island to the coast, thus giving the name of the Red Island beach. 

Another feature of the beach is a fishing village nearby called Pancer, where you can live in people's homes. Their hospitality to visitors despite their simple life really heartwarming.

Enjoy your trip in banyuwangi as a tourist town.

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