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Enjoy Yogyakarta

tourist attractions in Yogyakarta 
Yogyakarta is a city of history. In the 18th and 19th century, is the earliest appearance of the crown Mataran. Today many of the Mataram traditions live and are part of everyday life in this city. Yogya is the place (tempat wisata di yogyakarta) to come to get in touch with the old traditions, culture and history of Java as well as bask in the friendliness of the local people. It is a place with charm lure visitors. 

From the wonders of nature, art, culinary delicacies and local traditions are examples of legacy Java, Yogya is a city with many attractions. This is why Yogya is the second most visited destination in Indonesia after Bali. 
Parang Tritis Beach Yogyakarta . source : http://wisataindonesia.co.id

Overshadowed by smoldering Mount Merapi in the north and bordered to the south by the Indian Ocean pounding, graceful old city of Yogya has a mild climate making it easy for visitors to plan activities without worrying about the intense heat. Beautiful green scenery of the central part of Java this gives a different feel from your experience. 
In addition, there are about 70,000 handicraft industries based in Yogya and other facilities. There are also a variety of accommodation and transport, a variety of food service, travel agency, and proper tourism support, and also includes a tour of the Police .dukungan security team. Local tourism also known as Travel Bhayangkara 

tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is famous 
Parang Tritis is one of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is famous for its tourist alamnya.tinggalakan moment of your daily routine to go to the beach Parangtritis. Located about 28 km from Yogyakarta. You can break out of the city and absorb the roar of the waves and the atmosphere was incredible. Here you will see some very lush green hills with the ocean background. 

  Tritis machete beach tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Tourism Places 
Tritis machete beach, tourist attractions in Yogyakarta source image: wandaphii43.wordpress.com 
With the roar of the waves and the breeze would be difficult to not indulge as soon as you arrive here. At night, light silver star in the black hills provide beach mystical feeling, and it would not be difficult to understand why there are many local myths about this area. This region is entirely filled with beaches, caves, lakes, roads and cemeteries, each with their own mystical story. 

What makes Parangtritis very special is that not only enchanting vacation spot, it is also a sacred place. According to legend, when you come here you enter the domain of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, Queen of the Southern Ocean is not known for welcoming newcomers. For this reason the Javanese would not wear green, yellow-green, especially around here, they believe that this fascinating queen 

Malioboro Yogyakarta is a tourist place in the most famous. Located in the heart of Yogyakarta, this is the city's main street, and was once a ceremonial way to the Sultan to skip the trip to and from the palace. During events such as Malioboro will be festively decorated with flowers. Some say that the name Malioboro "is derived from the name of the British governor of Marlborough era when Britain ruled the archipelago, between 1811-1816. 

Various tourist attractions in the near Malioboro Jogjakarta include Near the north gate of the palace is a palace or stately Dutch colonial building which is now the Central Post Office and Bank Dagang Negara. Walk further to the north is the State Guest House, which was once a Dutch resident home, but after independence became the presidential palace when Yogya is the capital of the young Republic. President Sukarno lived here between 1946-1949. 

Across the street is the castle Vredenburg, who used to be a Dutch army barracks and now a center of art and painting exhibition. 
On the same side of the road is Beringharjo, Yogya main market is crowded, where you can buy batik and souvenirs at low prices. one of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, close to Malioboro highly coveted when you go to the city of Yogyakarta, after the fall of Tugu station. 
In Malioboro You will also find the oldest hotel in Yogyakarta, Hotel Garuda, built in the Dutch colonial architecture. 

If you are after some batik to take home as a souvenir, then Malioboro is the right place for you. From home dress up formal batik clothes,. Batik can also be made ​​into bags, tablecloths, sheets, pillowcases, curtains, and more 

tourist attractions in Yogyakarta and Central Java 
Here is a summary of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta and Central Java that are worth to visit. 

Malioboro: tourist attractions in Yogyakarta are most famous for batik and other handicrafts. 

Parang Tritis: The beach is very famous for its natural beauty nya.salah of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta and Central Java are highly frequented by tourists. 

Goa Pindul: One of the Indonesian tourist who has not terjamah.bagi you who like to susana cave, this place you should not miss. 

Simpang Lima Semarang, Central Java: A characterizes as having 5 Semarang branch path munuju different places. one of the attractions of Semarang 

Borobudur Temple: The temple, which has the feel of Specialties and has a high historical value in the city of Magelang, Central Java 

Prambanan Temple: One of the Leading temple in Central Java are being targeted visitors enjoy different shades. 

Tugu Station: Not far from Malioboro,  night view here very comfortable and sparkling.

Lawang Sewu: Lawang Sewu was the first headquarters for the train station in Java (Java), in the Dutch colonial era. This building has so many doors, which makes the locals call it Lawang Sewu means a thousand doors. 

Karimun Jawa Island: is a tourist spot that you can accomplish after traveling overland arrived at the City of Jepara. After that, you have to cross till Karimun.Salah to the best tourist attractions in Central Java. 

Pletau Dieng, Wonosobo; Ambarawa Museum; Sidomukti Bannerman and others. 

A few of our presentation about the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, which is worth a visit, if Information On Helpful share.

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