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Tourist Attaction In Bogor

Tourist Attaction In Bogor

Tourist attractions in Bogor cheap 

Located just 60 km towards the south, or just one-hour drive from Jakarta lies the resort town of Bogor, which used to be known as "Buitenzorg" and is located at the foot of Mount Salak. Rainfall has a cooler climate compared to metropolitan Jakarta. Bogor Bogor Botanical Garden is famous for being one of the impressive tourist attractions in Bogor and cheap but make you entertained for the beauty of its natural attractions. moreover there are nuances behind mountain bark. 
Bogor you are planning to travel with your friends or family? Have you signed up several tourist attractions in Bogor cheap which would you go there? If not, the following article may help you to plan a trip while in the rainy city. 

At the heart of Bogor there is an incredible botanical garden, known as the Bogor Botanical Gardens, city green lung around 87 acres. Governor General Raffles first develop a park here, but because the question is very broad conditions established Istana Bogor (Presidential Palace) extended by the Dutch botanist Professor Reinwardt, with the help of Kew Gardens London, and was officially opened in 1817 and various crops colonial , such as tea, cassava, tobacco and quinine, which was developed by a Dutch botanist Johannes including Teysmann. The park is still a major center for botanical research in Indonesia. 
One of the attractions that this has always been the goal of every family who visited Bogor. Here you can enjoy a variety of views of the plants in the collection of this botanical garden. Ticket entry only Rp 14,000 and you can enjoy the freshness directly from nature that can refresh you instantly.

kebun raya bogor, tempat wisata di bogor yang murah
kebun raya bogor
Allow yourself at least half a day to enjoy the Botanical Gardens, while the gardener could spend a week here. there are more than 15,000 species of trees and plants. garden containing 400 varieties of palm trees. There is a graceful pandanus trees and some large agave (used to make tequila) and cacti in parts of Mexico. Stop by Orchid House (there are about 2000 extra) and play in the beautiful pool, which has a giant water lily is more than one meter in length, and saw lizards and exotic bird life and deer.
2. Batu Tulis
batu tulis, tempat wisata di bogor yang murah
batu tulis
Batutulis is inscribed stones dedicated to Sri Baduga Maharaja (1482-1521), who was awarded a king Pajajaran with great mystical powers. This stone is housed in a small shrine visited by pilgrims. Batutulis is 2.5km south botanical gardens
3. Situ Gede situ gede tempat wisata murah di bogor There's big tourist attractions  Bogor in cheap image source: [/ caption] This site is a lake with an area of ​​nearly 6 acres. All around the lake are lush forest with large trees. Sightseeing is very suitable for those who are adventurous, and want to feel how it feels to spend the night in a forest. There is also a deer, who can you invite to play and you can feed as well.
  4. Taman Safari Cisarua cisarua tempat wisata murah di bogor
cisarua tempat wisata murah di bogor yang murah. source image :
If you had been spoiled by the green scenery around you, this time you can enjoy the interaction with wildlife is protected and maintained by the state here. The location of this one also fits into a choice tourist on vacation with family in Bogor Anda.Tempat cheap is easy to reach using motorcycles or cars

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